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Notes: If you are passionate about programming this is one of the best opportunities out there for you. You will be matched with an open source organisation, under a mentor to write code and will get paid to do it. 


What is Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a global program that matches students up with open source, free software and technology-related organizations to write code and get paid to do it! The organizations provide mentors who act as guides through the entire process, from learning about the community to contributing code. The idea is to get students involved in and familiar with the open source community and help them to put their summer break to good use. Accepted students gain exposure to real-world software development and employment opportunities in areas related to their academic pursuits.


The application period for students for GSoC 2019 is from March 25, 2019, to April 9, 2019

You can view the full program timeline here


  1. Student Guide -- Detailed student guide created and maintained by GSoC team. Contains most of the important guidance right from the application to the end of the program.
  2. Archive of previous projects and organisations -- Contains the complete list of organisations and projects of each year of GSoC starting from 2005. Each project also gives details of the student who worked on the project as well as their successful application.

Previous Winners

No Name College City Email Winning Proposal Year
1 Adarsh S Model Engineering College, Kochi Kochi 2018
2 Sharan Narayan Model Engineering College, Kochi Kochi Saran's Proposal 2018
3 Vidyadheesha D N Model Engineering College, Kochi Kochi Vidyadheesha's Proposal 2018
4 Aswin G Model Engineering College, Kochi Kochi LinkedIn profile Aswin's proposal 2018
5 Vibhoothi Amrita School Of Engineering, Amritapuri Calicut Vibhoothi's proposal 2018