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Notes: Grant by Government of Kerala for innovators - upto 12L. 
* List of students selected to Idea Fest Finals
* Number of students selected from each college have been published here.

KSM Idea Fest
Stage 1 Application Open (Apply here)
Stage 2 Application Open (Apply here)
Deadline March 4, 2018


About Idea Grant

KSM Idea Grant is a scheme which offers grants, upto 12 lakhs innovators. Student innovators are also eligible to apply
Innovators are offered grants based on the development stage and innovative value of their ideas, upto 2 lakhs for shortlisted ideas, upto 7 lakhs for ideas with prototypes, and upto 12 lakhs for prototypes along with a customer base.

Applications for this scheme are invited through Idea Day event which is conducted every month by Kerala Startup Mission. The ideas of the applicants are evaluated by a panel and shortlisted. The 10th Idea Day, referred to as the Idea Fest, will be hosted on April 7th 2018 and the application for the event is currently open. Idea day event normally has a sector-wise division for the ideas invited, but the Idea Fest accepts ideas from all sectors and is focused towards the students.


Type of Grant Amount
Idea Grant upto 2 lakhs
Productisation Grant upto 7 lakhs
Scale up Grant upto 12 lakhs

Idea Days

Idea Day Date Location Partners Theme/Focus Number of selected innovators
Idea Day 1 May 6, 2017 Ernakulam NA NA 4
Idea Day 2 June 4, 2017 Trivandrum NA NA 5
Idea Day 3 July 1, 2017 Trivandrum NA NA 4
Idea Day 4 Sept 2, 2017 Trivandrum NA NA 6
Idea Day 5 Oct 7, 2017 Trivandrum NA NA 3
Idea Day 6 Nov 4, 2017 Pala Loyola College of Social Sciences Social and Rural Innovation 5
Idea Day 7 Dec 2, 2017 Trivandrum TIMeD Health and Medical 7
Idea Day 8 Dec 23, 2017 Ernakulam GTech, Maker Village ERP, Platforms and Aggregators, Hardware and IoT, AR/VR, AI, Blockchain 31
Idea Day 9 Feb 5, 2018 Calicut Retail, Real Estate, Tourism, Social and Rural,
Agritech, Fintech, Healthcare, BioTech, Transport, Robotics, Cybersecurity
Idea Day 10 April 7, 2018 Any sector, focus on students

About Kerala Startup Mission

Kerala Start Up Mission (KSM)] is the nodal agency of Government of Kerala for the implementation of state's Startup Policy.


A student is eligible to apply for the Idea Grant if

  • He/She is currently studying in Kerala
  • He/She has not received the Idea Grant in the previous editions of Idea Days



The Idea Day Application process happens as follows:

  • For each Idea Day, separate applications are invited every month.
  • Applications are now being invited to the 10th edition of Idea Day, also known as Idea Fest.
  • For the 10th Idea day, the application process contains 2 forms:
    • Form 1 - an Interest form that captures the basic details and interest sectors of the applicant. All students who have submitted Form 1 will be provided guidance by KSUM and Rethink to complete their Stage 2 application form.
    • Form 2 - a Detailed application form that captures more information of the idea/project they are working on. Only the students who complete the Stage 2 application will be considered for final selection to Idea Fest.
  • The applications are shortlisted on the basis of 3 key points with weightage as listed below:
    • Idea usefulness - 40%
    • Solution value - 40%
    • Opportunity/ Market potential- 20%
  • These online application forms will be first shortlisted by IEDC and then by KSUM.
  • Selected applicants will be invited by KSUM and they have to pitch their ideas on the Idea Day before a panel of judges.
  • Innovators recommended for selection are then awarded financial grant by KSM.

Application Forms


Event Date
Form 1 Application Opens January 25, 2018
Form 2 Opens February 21, 2018
Form 1 and 2 Close March 4, 2018
Idea Fest April 7, 2018
Winners Announcement April 17, 2018


Advocacy Lives

Live with Dr. Saji Gopinath, CEO, Kerala Startup Mission

Live with Tom Thomas, Director at Kerala Startup Mission

Idea Grant Advocacy, Arya Murali and Sandeep Zachariah Chat

Advocacy Live with Keerthana, Volunteer @ Rethink

Idea Grant Form 1 application walkthrough Live by Felix & Shibin, Volunteers @ Rethink

Guidance Lives

Idea Grant Form 2 application walkthrough by Sandeep Zachariah

Idea Grant Form 2 application guidance by Sijo Kuruvilla George

Copy of Application Forms

Previous Winners

Sl. No. Innovator Innovation College Category Grant Award Idea Day Live Status
1 Ajin Omanakuttan Latinno – Latex carry backpack Amal Jyothi College of Engineering Student 200000 Idea Day 1 No response
2 Athira K Swasthi Smart Furniture Series Vidya Academy of Science and Technology Student 175000 Idea Day 1 No response
3 Athul Ram Auto Survey Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology Student 50000 Idea Day 1 No response
4 Sreerag V Pepper plucker cum seperator Amal Jyothi College of Engineering Student 200000 Idea Day 1
5 Ajay Sangwan Self defence garment (NYOKAS) NIFT, Delhi Founder 200000 Idea Day 2 Live
6 Joseph Thampy Eco-friendly car servicing machine CUSAT Founder 175000 Idea Day 2 No response
7 Sajith Surendran Matrix GEC, Sreekrishnapuram Founder 169330 Idea Day 2 Done
8 Samir Dayal Singh Huggama Huggama/Cusat Student 200000 Idea Day 2 Live 1,Live 2
9 Sujith S Parkin SCT College of Engineering Student 192500 Idea Day 2 Live
10 Adarsh D Sentyment TKM engineering college Student 200000 Idea Day 3 No response
11 Ajay Zachariah Virtual deck Model Engineering college Student 100000 Idea Day 3 Live
12 Mathew Varghese Cypher Mar Athanasius College of Engineering Student 25000 Idea Day 3 Responded
13 Rohit A SCT, Trivandrum Founder 200000 Idea Day 3 Live
14 Arun P M Kranioz Jai Bharath Engineering College Founder 641000 Idea Day 4 No response
15 Balagopal S K Halo Smart Fan Founder 200000 Idea Day 4 No response
16 Eobin George Perfit3D Founder 500000 Idea Day 4 No response
17 Jijo Paul Dairy Managemnet System Rajagiri School of Engineering Founder 1086700 Idea Day 4 No response
18 Kirankumar T R Vehicle Intelligicer Founder 200000 Idea Day 4 No response
19 Nithin O John Subdine University of Kerala Founder 740000 Idea Day 4 No response
20 Anto P Biju Portable Water Bottle SJCET Student 2 lakhs Idea Day 5 No Response
21 Nibu Alias Rotibo-Smart Roti Maker TOCH Founder 10 lakhs Idea Day 5 No response
22 Salin Sunny Doptale- Digital Board Game console Calicut University Founder 10 lakhs Idea Day 5 No response
23 Aflah Madasseri Blind Torch CUSAT Student 135000 Idea Day 6 No response
24 Ajith P Jose Machines for separating mace from nutmeg St Joseph College Engineering & Technology Student 20000 Idea Day 6 No response
25 Anjana Sunil YOU CAN: Automatic Bed-chair system with paralysis assistance SAHRDAYA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY Student 40000 Idea Day 6 No Response
26 Midhun Jayachandran HotFoot Ticket Mechanism GURUDEVA INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (GISAT) Student 15000 Idea Day 6
27 Amjad N el-KANE Cognitive Assistant for the Visually Impaired Founder 200000 Idea Day 7 Live
28 Anand Dhananjayan Superbeing Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology Founder 500000 Idea Day 7
29 Leeson Jose Robotic mobilization aid for partially paralyzed individuals Sahrdaya college of engineering and technology,kodakara Student 200000 Idea Day 7 No response
30 Nitin NeuroBuds - Brain Wave Mapping Smart Earphones CUSAT Founder 200000 Idea Day 7 Live
31 Noble G Bhasi Manufacturing of High-Tech Electric Wheel Chairs SCT, Trivandrum Founder 1000000 Idea Day 7 No response
32 Rasmara P Rasheed Dog Buster MES College of Engineering and Technology , Kunnukara. Student 125000 Idea Day 7 No response
33 Riya Easow Smart Motive GEC, Thrissur Founder 1000000 Idea Day 7 No response
34 Sonia Mohandas BIOCALCULUS- An Ultimate reading of Life Bannari Amman Institute of Technology Founder 1200000 Idea Day 7 No response
35 Abilash Pandath Drinn virtual clinic University of Madras Founder 500000 Idea Day 8 No response
36 Alvin George VST Smart Mobility Solution Founder 1200000 Idea Day 8 No response
37 Amith sasi Oaama parking solutions Bharathiar University Founder 1200000 Idea Day 8 Live
38 Nikhil CrankPhone Founder 100000 Idea Day 8
39 Aronin Human Machine Interface Testing Robot GEC, Sreekrishnapuram Founder 1200000 Idea Day 8 Confirmed
40 Arun Augustine Messengerify BITS Founder 700000 Idea Day 8


41 Arun Kizhakkedath Figimax CUSAT Founder 500000 Idea Day 8 No response
42 Arun sathyan Hyreo, Chatbot for HR solution CUSAT Founder 1200000 Idea Day 8 Responded
43 Charles Vijay Sapper Founder 680000 Idea Day 8 Responded
44 Christo Jose Solutions Squad Sahrdaya college of engineering and technology, Kodakara Student 200000 Idea Day 8 No response
45 Ganapath prajapathi. THIRDEYE - Head Up Display for motorcycle helmet Innovator 1200000 Idea Day 8 No response
46 Harsh Mohan iCon Founder 1200000 Idea Day 8
47 Girish Babu Instio Experience Founder 1200000 Idea Day 8 No response
48 Hareesh panicker FTL technology ,Platform for viewing loans , price comparison Founder 1200000 Idea Day 8 No response
49 Jithu a prasad ScutOps, Simply a trainer or teachers hiring platform University of Calicut Founder 1000000 Idea Day 8 Responded
50 Johns T Mathai EYEROV CET, Trivandrum Founder 1000000 Idea Day 8 Live
51 Juhaim RideLogic TOCH Engineering College Founder 800000 Idea Day 8 No response
52 Kannan Parakunnil HUSH HUSH Mar Ivanios College Founder 500000 Idea Day 8 No response
53 Malbin Jeorge Intelligent Device Circuit Breaker Founder 200000 Idea Day 8 No response
54 Nadeem Mohammed Vear Holographic KMEA Engineering College Founder 700000 Idea Day 8 No response
55 Nethan p Dhe auto - online auto service Adi Shankara Institute Founder 1000000 Idea Day 8 No response
56 Pradeep P S Farmers fresh - E commerce Sahrdaya College of Engineering Founder 1200000 Idea Day 8 No response
57 Prasanth iParkMobi RIT Kottayam Founder 500000 Idea Day 8 No response
58 Rahul krishna Online gadget repairing platform Meenakshi College of Engineering Founder 1200000 Idea Day 8 Responded
59 Rohil Dev Nimo Technologies Kathir College of Engineering Founder 1200000 Idea Day 8 Live
60 Salman Khan Cowostash Pvt. Ltd Founder 500000 Idea Day 8 Live
61 Sanjay nediyara SIEVE technology GEC, Thrissur Founder 1200000 Idea Day 8
62 Sunil Vallath Exploride University of Calicut Founder 1200000 Idea Day 8 No response
63 Varun Priyan VR nxt College of Engineering, Poonjar Founder 1200000 Idea Day 8 Responded
64 Varun shankar Online cab Founder 500000 Idea Day 8 No response
65 Vishnu Smart Healthcare Solutions MG University Founder 1000000 Idea Day 8 Live


Rethink focusses on Advocacy and Guidance on approaching these opportunities. Everyone filling the Idea Fest form 1 will receive a series of guidance emails on how to fill the Idea fest form 2. Rethink will also be hosting a live session to delve deeper into various segments of the Idea Fest form 2 on February 26 at 8 PM.

This interest form will remain open until March 4, 2018 and you may sign up on the form if you wish to receive guidance emails.


You may reach us at for guidance. Disclaimer: Kerala Start Up Mission is the official authority hosting this opportunity and NOT Rethink. Should you wish to reach the Kerala Start Up Mission team directly, please write to them in their support email listed in References section below

Stay Updated

In order to pass on faster and quicker updates on the application process from now, until final selection, we have created a Telegram Channel. We recommend that you join in so you can stay on top of all the information.The channel is public and you can join it by either searching for “idea grant” on telegram or through this link


  1. KSM Idea Fest Guidelines
  2. KSM Idea Grant Form 1 stats
  3. List of IEDC colleges in Kerala
  4. KSM Idea Grant Scheme
  5. KSM Twitter id: @startup_mission
  6. Official Support email:

v@r Queries

Form 1

  1. We didn't do stage1 registration for idea fest. Shall we do for phase 2 registration?
  2. Just wanted to know if I could apply for the stage 1 cuz I haven't applied for it till now. Asking you guys directly since the dates are over for stage 1 application.
  3. I have a little bit of confusion in filling "Mention the sector/theme to which your idea belong". Ours is an Android App for connecting with blood donors in a very fast and secure manner. Can you tell me what exactly should i fill in this field ?
  4. Is it enough to put electrical since we do our project in electrical sector? And also kindly give a brief what the option 'companies you look upto' means.?

Form 2

  1. We didn’t get the format of form 2.
  2. I have applied for the idea fest. Can u guys help me through the second stage of Idea fest.
  3. I have applied for KSUM idea grand first phase and I have received the confirmation mail of that. I have applied for two so I want to know for which one I have to proceed the second phase. Hope you will reply soon
  4. Can I edit this form after submission?


  1. I am 2017 graduate student and was informed that I can apply for upcoming Idea grant program (as I fell on 1 year after graduating category). But, I would like to have a clarity on this.
  2. We are not students anymore but would like to participate in the same. Is that possible or is this Ideafest is exclusively for students?


  1. Are my team members supposed to fill the interest form? In the second stage forms I have mentioned their name. Could you please make it more clear?
  2. How should we apply for Idea grant if our idea is to be done as a team?
  3. Could we come as a group with a single idea OR Is it an individual competition?
  4. Can a person be there in two teams?. Can he do presentations for both the teams?. Do reply soon
  5. If a team has 4 people, can all 4 people take part in the presentation or is it necessary that only one person has to do it?
  6. How many minutes is the alloted time for the presentation?
  7. Can we edit or change our video or deck documents from our submitted application after March 4th
  8. I write this mail to know about the ksm idea grant . I got to hear that this time it is for students and i have got an idea but is not in its full form and i have only one more day to apply for this. I wish to do a little more research on this to make it more efficient. So thinking to apply it next time. So i want to know whether this time it will be an advantage for me unlike the next which might be for other sectors. Hoping for your reply. Thanks in advance.
  9. Will I have to give back the money later? What's in it for KSM?

Video & Presentation

  1. In the application I see one brief 2 minute video link, presentation fest, documentation link to fill. I don't know how to create these


  1. 2 min video: does that have to be a professional and more advertising kind of video or just a general description video shot from any phone.
  2. Does this video need to include working of out project in any form of animation or any type of output or should we just make a video of ourselves presenting the project.Is that all necessary? Is that a mandatory part of the application?
  3. How can I provide link of video explaining the concept, i only have the video in my mobile phone.
  4. How can i provide the video link in second form.
  5. Is it necessary that the video have to be 2 min or could it vary?
  6. I wanted to that in which language is that we have to make the video presentation ,is it in Malayalam or english?
  7. We have already released an initial version of our app on Playstore. Shall we give its link in the additional information field?


  1. what is the presentation deck link
  2. Is the Presentation deck mentioned in the form a ppt?
  3. I would like to know what are the contents needed to be added in the presentation

Fund & Utilization

  1. Is 12 lakhs the maximum amount we can apply for?
  2. In the question " fund requested" , whether you are asking for the fund for completing the prototype or for implementing it widely.
  3. Do we have to create a detailed estimate on the expenditure of the fund?
  4. Once if we manage to succeed and get some grant in the idea day, what is the time limitation which we are constrained to utilize it?


  1. In the application, there is a section where an alumni champion is to be mentioned. I am not quite sure how to go about that section and would definitely like some guidance on that.
  2. It would be indeed appreciable if you could detail me on the form "Alumni Champion"
  3. What do you mean by Alumni Champion?
  4. What should I write in the column 'college Alumni Guide'. Is that meant for a previous idea winner from my college? If yes then none of the previous students from my college has participated in this program.
  5. Is there any restrictions on the Alumni we choose?.
    1. Does he/she have to be from my college?...
    2. Does he/she have to be in a startup?.
  6. In the form there is a mentioning of need for alumni of iedc. From where should i find the details of them and who all are said to be the alumni of iedc. is this refer to students or teachers?
  7. Since we find it difficult to find an Alumni as our mentor within the deadline, can one of our teachers do the above task? Please let me know what are the other options.
  8. Can you guide me to find an alumni. What will I do if couldn't find one?
  9. How can I fill the alumni form
  10. About alumni form. How to fill it?
  11. Can I give your name as alumni?

Objective of Idea Grant

  1. If I apply as an individual in form2 , and my idea is selected. Will I be assigned staff that will help me make the product. I'm not really good at programming, so I'm in dire need of programmers to bring out one phase of my product


  1. Kindly add me in your telegram group