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About nCore

N/Core is an incubation program exclusively for early-stage nonprofits.

For a period of 6 months, N/Core and its Partners, work closely with the founders to get their ideas in the best possible shape - ready to fundraise, hire and scale.


N/Core accepts applications three times in a year. Two of which falls on August (August 10 in 2017) and April (April 30, 2018)

Apply here

N/Core application form here

Application link here

About Nudge Foundation

The/Nudge Foundation is a collective of some of India’s brightest entrepreneurs, leaders and change-makers, tacking the greatest human development challenge of our times - poverty.


The N/Core incubator has 3 main tracks:

  • 6 months of incubation to accelerate your path to achieving key milestones like product-market fit for your idea, funding etc
  • access to a network of influencers and funding sources who can support your growth
  • an innovation grant of INR 10 Lakh

The 6 months of incubation include: a kickoff week in Bangalore that you are required to attend in person 5.5 months of mentoring by an N/Core Partner (these interactions can be virtual) a final soiree week in Bangalore that you are required to attend in person again.


Four basic eligibility criteria:

  1. you are an early-stage startup somewhere between ideas with a plan to pre-scale stage (typically 0-3 years old)
  2. you have registered or intend to register your organisation as a section 8 company, a trust or a society
  3. at least one founder is working or committed to working full-time on the idea
  4. the idea, irrespective of the sector it is aligned with, has the overarching purpose of poverty alleviation or building nonprofit ecosystem

Evaluation Criteria

  • Entrepreneurial talent - innovation, speed, scale and sustainability.
  • Founder Strength - compelling and diverse new-age initiatives
  • n/Core: “We care more about the founders than the idea, because we understand that most of the organisations at this early-stage will change their idea significantly, and are open to it.”

Application Process

To complete the application, you will require the following

  • Round 1: detailed application is about your organisation’s vision, approach and goals.
  • Round 2: a video interview with two of N/Core selection committee members.

Previous Winners

Guardians of Dreams (Gloria Benny, Sujith Varkey)

Blog on n/Core Experience



External Reference

  1. n/Core website