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Notes: RGSOC is a great opportunity to work with mentors and develop an open source project. The best part is that there is no degree requirement or age limit to applying. Ladies in Open Source, go for it!


About Rails Girls Summer of Code

Rails Girls Summer of Code is a global fellowship program for women and non-binary coders. Students receive a three-month scholarship to work on existing Open Source projects and expand their skill set. It is a not-for-profit organisation that operates solely on the generous donations of sponsors and individuals from the community.

The scholarship program started in 2013. Since then, Rails Girls Summer of Code has supported 185 students — with a total of 68 sponsored teams and 28 volunteering teams.

Rails Girls Summer of Code is programming language agnostic, and students have contributed to an overall of 67 Open Source projects such as Bundler, Rails, Discourse, Tessel, NextCloud, Processing, Babel, impress.js, Lektor CMS, Hoodie, Speakerinnen, Lotus (now Hanami) and Servo.

Since its inception, Rails Girls Summer of Code has been supported by companies like Travis CI, GitHub, Google, GitLab, Envato, Basecamp, and SoundCloud, to name a few. At the same time, thousands of people have backed this initiative individually.


The scholarship amount is variable. It will be dependent on where the applicant lives, how much their expenses are, and any special circumstances which they might wish to share in their application.


All people with non-binary gender identities or who identify as women can apply. You do not have to be a student at a University to apply, and there are certainly no degree or age limitations.

This program looks for applicants-

  • Who are involved with or have attended one or more workshops organised by communities like Rails Girls, Railsbridge, Black Girls Code, PyLadies, or similar initiatives.
  • Who have at least a year’s experience of continuous learning, i.e. people who have significantly expanded their programming skills in a study group, or independently, by working on a suitable project. Coding examples will be asked from the applicant.
  • Who can spend 3 months (July to September 2017) working full-time on their Open Source project of choice.
  • Who are proficient (spoken and written) in English and can communicate with several people from different countries, write daily logs and blog posts. English is the main language of communication for this program.
  • Who have never participated in the program as a sponsored team before.


Application Process

To apply, follow these five steps:

  1. Meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above.
  2. Find a Pair: Each applicant needs to find a teammate who lives in the same city and can meet on a daily basis to take part in this program. It is not possible for an applicant to take part alone.
  3. Find Coaches: A coach is a software developer with whom the applicant will work regularly - 4 to 8 hours per week. An applicant needs to have a minimum of 2 coaches and a maximum of 4 coaches. Coaches can be remote however, local coaches are strongly recommended.
  4. Find Coaching Company or Workspace: A good place to work for the applicant and his/her team. The necessary information can be found here. If the applicant is not able to find a coaching company, co-working spaces and universities can be a good option too.
  5. Choose a Project:The applicant needs to pick a primary and secondary project. The secondary project will act as a backup in case the primary project is unavailable. The applicant is suggested to pick a project based on his/her as well as the coaches familiarity and knowledge of the project.

After completing the above steps the applicant can go ahead and successfully apply.

Timeline For 2018

Event Date
Application Opens February 2, 2018
Application Deadline February 28, 2018
Acceptance Emails April 17, 2018
Kickoff RGSoC July 02, 2018

Selection Criteria

Applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by a group of real human beings in the coding community. Remember: Successful applications are not “first in, best dressed”, but are judged on how well they fulfill eligibility criteria.

Points to keep in mind for applicants:

  1. Community involvement is important. The more involved the applicant, the better.
  2. Experience: Some experience in programming and working in a team is desirable.Knowledge of some basic concepts and practices is an advantage.
  3. Concise code examples: The best case scenario is linking to a completed coding challenge provided by mentor (if provided).
  4. Share and highlight accomplishments without hesitation. Ability to set goals and to be proud of personal achievements is considered.
  5. Strong local support:Strength of the team based on location is considered. Based on some locations, where finding local coaches is harder, special circumstances are considered.
  6. Project choice: Usually only one team is selected per project. So the competition for a particular project affects the chances of getting selected.

Application Details

Before filling out the application form, the applicant will need to create a team. To do so click on New Team on the Teams page and add all the team members (teammate and coaches). After saving the team, click on Apply now in the navigation, this should take the applicant to the application form.

The application is split into three sections.

  • The first section focuses on finding out more about the applicant.Questions regarding the applicant such as experience with coding so far and other information that is relevant to the decision-making process are asked. Applicants and their teammate will fill this information separately.
  • The other sections focus on the selected project and team setup.These should be filled out by the applicants and their teammates together.

It is possible to save drafts of the application. This means that partially filled applications are saved and application progress is preserved. However, please remember that once the application is submitted, it won’t be possible to edit or delete it.

This year, Rails Girls Summer of Code has introducedpart-time teams in addition to the full-time teams. Part-time teams are teams that participate in the program part-time (~20 hours a week) with the monthly stipend.

Part-time teams adhere to the same guidelines as full-time teams, receive the same amount of support as the other teams and are just as involved in the social activities. Due to this, part-time teams are also subjected to the selection process.

In the application, the applicants can mention whether they are applying as a full-time team, a part-time team, or they can select both options.

Application Deadline

Varies every year. For 2018, the applications closed on 28th February at 17:00 UTC.

Program Requirements

The applicants have to agree to:

  1. Participate full-time from July 1st to September 30th
  2. Continuously work on chosen and approved Open Source project
  3. Keep track of their work with a short, daily summary
  4. Keep in regular contact with their supervisor and mentor and stick to previously agreed upon reaction times for answering communication
  5. Provide an email address for communication about social and promotional events
  6. Participate in non-coding related community events (e.g. the all-team chat, RGSoC social events)
  7. Have team information published on the official RGSoC website and blog (e.g. team introduction, team blog posts); this includes a photo or other likeness
  8. In case of participation in a conference where tickets are provided by RGSoC,hold a lightning talk about their project work or write a blog post about the conference

Previous Winners

Scholar College Year Live
Amrita Nair Amrita Engineering College, Kollam 2017 YouTube
Anagha R Amrita Engineering College, Kollam 2017
Tessy Joseph College of Engineering, Chengannur 2015


  1. Application Guide
  2. Applying to RGSOC - Help
  3. RGSOC Facebook
  4. RGSOC Twitter


Disclaimer: RGSoC is the official authority hosting this opportunity and NOT Rethink. Should you wish to reach the RGSoC team directly, please write to them at contact@rgsoc.org


  1. RGSoC Official Website
  2. RGSoc Help Page


  • Join the Student Support Slack channel using this link

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