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Rethink Foundation (Rethink) is a volunteer driven knowledge platform to provide information and guidance to students about professional development opportunities.

There are a number of opportunities available to students that can positively impact their academic and professional outcomes. Unfortunately awareness of such opportunities remains low in our student fraternity and even in those instances when they are aware of such opportunities, reliable information and guidance is not always forthcoming.

We attempt to bridge this gap with our efforts with Rethink. Our model is unique in that it relies almost exclusively on digital platforms and technology infrastructure for delivery.

Rethink model

Our model relies on our 3 pillars: Wiki, Lives & v@r.


Wiki is our central repository of knowledge. Information and guidance of all our curated opportunities are published on our Wiki. Each opportunity will also have a dedicated page. All information on our Wiki is public and accessible to all.


We host Lives with previous recipients or beneficiaries of the opportunity. In addition to this, we also look to host Lives with representatives of the host organisations of these opportunities. FB Live with Anjali Thomas, WeTech Qualcomm Global Scholarship 2015 recipient


The email volunteers@rethinkfoundation.in (v@r) is our central mechanism of offering guidance. Anyone writing in to v@r for guidance on any matter will be reliably responded to. All queries are typically responded within 24 hours.


All our activities, Wiki publishing, hosting Lives & v@r responses, are predominantly driven by our volunteer contributors. In the few months that we have existed in operation, through our volunteers have been able to facilitate the discovery & curation of 50 opportunities, hosting of 100 Lives & over 9000 v@r responses. We have also been able to collectively cultivate an audience of over 6000 students.

Contribution model

All our activities are powered by patron and volunteers contributions. We rely on a contribution model similar to adopted by Wikipedia. Patrons make financial contributions and volunteers make cognitive contributions. As on date, we have 85 patrons and 118 volunteers.