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Rethink's efforts are primarily channelled as projects. Opportunity project is one of the key projects through which we are looking to fix three main problems faced by most students and young professionals:

  1. They are not aware that great opportunities exist
  2. They do not know how to apply towards these opportunities
  3. They do not believe that they can do it.

We began addressing the first problem by creating the wiki of opportunities. We've managed to list down few good opportunities and create few good wiki pages.

But now, we need your help to pick up from where we left off to

  1. ensure that reliable information is published on our wiki.
  2. ensure that students know that wiki exists!

In light of this, you can contribute to either of these causes that interest you:

1. Contributing to our Wiki of Opportunities

The wiki lists many opportunities but is never fully complete. We need contributors to pick an opportunity of their choice and create/moderate the wiki page and ensure information is published in it.

Depending on the opportunity you have picked, you may have to:

1. Create a new opportunity wiki

Check out this handbook on creating a new opportunity wiki for more details

2. Contribute to an existing wiki

* If you would like to contribute to an existing wiki, you can pick up any task from the To Do list on the page and get started.
* If you are looking to interview previous winners, this is the handbook you should be checking out.

2. Email Project

In Email Project, we ensure that we are able to reliably communicate our students over email so we may be able to intimate them about these opportunities.

The project scope involves collecting email address and other relevant information of all students in a college and validating these email ids.

Check out the Wiki on Email Project for further details.


If you are interested in working with us, we recommend you pick any one of these projects for starters and let us know by writing in to v@r (