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Email Project is our very first activity with a college. In Email Project, we ensure that we are able to reliably communicate our students over email.

The project scope involves collecting email address and other relevant information of all students in a college and validating these email ids.

Expected Project Duration (EPD) is 1 week



  1. Laptop/PC
  2. Reliable internet connectivity


  1. Emailing skills
  2. Familiarity with Google Drive, especially Google Sheets


  1. Preparation
  2. Collection
  3. Validation


If you wish to work on the email project for your college, the first step is to let us know about your interest in participating by writing into

When you do write in, please remember to let us know the detailed college structure in the following format:

College: GEC Thrissur

Branch Division
EEE A and B
Mech A and B
Civil A and B
Chemical Engg

We will then create a google sheet for each class in your college and share these with you. You will also be given a 'Representatives' sheet in which we will record information of all the reps we are working with.


Once prep is done, you can proceed to email collection.

You can first locate one student per class - preferably the class rep or someone with social influence. Once you locate these anchors of each class, we need to collect the following data from them and update it in the 'Representatives' sheet shared with you:

  1. Email id of the anchor(s)
  2. Is the anchor the class rep or not?
  3. Class strength of the Anchor's class

Once this is done, you must extend edit access of the sheets to the respective anchors. Now that we have one anchor per class, we take their help to collect email ids of rest of the students.

From our previous experience of doing the email project, we understand that the class representatives usually have the names and email ids of all students with them. If they already do, it's only a matter of collecting it from them and validating the email ids.

If not, the following method has been observed to work:

  1. The first step to completion is typing out the class strength and the names of all students in the class as per the attendance sheet (roll number wise).
    • If there is a student who is permanently absent from class, you may indicate (PA) in place of the student.
  1. Once this is done, the sheet can be shared with the students in the class and they can fill in respective details.


The next step is to validate these emails, i.e ensuring that these email ids are correct and that the students would receive the email from us.


  1. Class Anchors email all the students in the class using a mass emailing tool such as streak.
  2. They note the failed emails in the respective class sheet.
  3. Anchors contact the students whose emails bounced, obtain their correct email ids and update the sheet with the information.

At the end of the activity, we have a fully verified email database of all students in a college.


We typically require only a week to complete the email project for a college. Once we decide on starting the project and share all project related information, we will follow the below timeline for execution.

Once the project kicks start, we expect to receive updates from you even alternate day (On Days 1, 3, 5, 7) at 7 PM in the evening. This is to ensure that the project is on-track. If you wish to change the update time, be sure to let us know upfront.

Day Activity Reference
Day 0 Confirm participation in Email project and complete preparation. Preparation section
Day 1 Find anchors for each class and get basic info. Collection section
Day 2
Day 3 Anchors collect email ids of all students in their class. Collection section
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6 Anchors validate the email ids of students in class. Validation section
Day 7


Should you feel the need to contact us at any point in time, you may write to

Colleges already working with us

College Percentage Completion Stage Project Contributers
SCT 50 Validation Alma, Raoof
GEC BH 45 Collection Pheba, Rohini
GECT 22 Collection Keerthana
RIT 40 Collection Ansu
TOCH 35 Collection Manju, Vyshnavi, Farzan
CET 38 Preparation Sailakshmi, Shadiya, Adithya Sailesh
GEC SKP 50 Collection Aswathy, Soumya

Current Contributors

  1. Karthik Raj, MITS
  2. Elsa, MITS
  3. Adithya Sailesh, CET