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Volunteers at Rethink contribute by organising Live Interviews with a resource person who has previously achieved a specific opportunity. In this wiki, we detail the interview process, guidelines, steps and resources to host the live interview with the resource person.
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Interview Process

Rethink shall locate alumni from your college/someone who has received a specific opportunity and pass on their details to you. You need to first email the speaker so that we give him/her ample time to respond back.

Once you email the speaker and confirm a date and time for the interview session, we should be preparing and sharing with them, questions that they will be answering during the live. This is so that they can prepare their responses in advance. Ideally, we shall have 3 to 5 questions along these lines -

  • How did you know about the opportunity?
  • How did you prepare for it?
  • What is your typical day at work like?
  • What are the skills required to do well in your role?
  • What message do you have to your younger self?
  • Are there any openings/opportunities in your organization now?

We then grant the speaker editor access to the Rethink FB page one day before the live.

During the live session, you may post the questions in the comment thread, just for reference and to ensure that the speaker hasn't missed out on anything. After discussing these questions, you may then ask the speaker any other questions you might have for another 10 minutes and close out the interview.

An email can then go out to thank the speaker.

To make this process easier, we have shared detailed steps that you should keep in mind/follow. Super useful resources have also been included at the end of the page.

Being a contributor to Rethink, we also expect you to honour and commit to our guidelines.


  • Keep communication to emails and remain professional in your conduct.
  • Mark (v@r) in cc in your emails with the speaker so that we are included in the loop. This is so that the communication is document for reference by others and also so that we may chip in and support should you require rany help.
  • You may each out to v@r to extend Editor access to the FB page for the live interview. When you do so, do share your FB profile link and that of your speaker's.
  • Be kind, friendly in your conversations with the Speaker.

We are certain that you will not only learn a lot through the process but will also have fun!

Steps to completing the Live Interview

Step 1

Research helps you curate your live interview better and make it more relevant.

Once you have decided on the person you are doing the Facebook Live Interview session with, the first step is to understand both the person and the topic of your interview (the opportunity) thoroughly.

Simple research can be done by googling up both the speaker and the opportunity. You should be going through the speaker's LinkedIn profile, Personal Website/Blog for starters. If any news headlines or any videos are available, do check them out as well.

During your research, do note any interesting points you discover that you may discuss during the interview.

Step 2

We have observed that offering the speaker 2 time slots to choose from for the live works well. Our audience being college students, it has also been observed that 7PM to 10PM is a good window for the live session.

You should look to write to the speaker as early as possible. This is to allow them sufficient time to get back to you with a confirmation.

When you reach out to the speaker, try and make your email personal based on your research if possible. This increases your chances of getting a response. You may highlight any common instances between you and the speaker to entertain a response.

You may also share links to previous live videos so that the speaker knows what to expect and what is expected of them.

Since they are working professionals, their schedule is expected to be tight. Would be great if you can mention that the live would only take 30 minutes of their time, not more :) This will increase the chances of them committing a time to us also.

Step 3

Now that you have written to them, three outcomes are possible. Detailing them and the respective action to be taken.

1. Speaker responds and is unable to do the live interview

If the speaker is unable to do a live interview session, we should be looking to understand why it is so and help them navigate the situation. If it is the time/date that is the problem, you may allow them to pick a time that suits their schedule. If it is their first live session, do offer them enough comfort and confidence to go ahead and do the session.

2. Speaker confirms to do the live

The first thing you should now do is write the talking points for the speaker. Based on the opportunity, the research you did on the speaker, look to draft 5-6 questions that the speaker should be answering during the live.

We should now share the following with the speaker:

  • First, re-confirm the date and time of the live session.
  • Share duration of the live - 20 minutes of speaking and 10 minutes of Q&A
  • Talking points - As in the interview process section.
  • Live Handbook - The handbook will guide them in setting up the Fb live.
  • Editor access to Rethink Test Page - "Rethink Test Page" is a dummy FB page that is hidden from the public created to be used as a testing ground by the live interview speakers. You may contact v@r to grant them editor access to the page. Request the speaker to try out going live on the page, make themselves comfortable.

3. Speaker does not respond

If your speaker does not respond, follow up on the request. Do remember to keep communication to emails and resist the urge to ping/call them.

Step 4

One day prior to the live session, you should be extending the speaker, Editor access to the Rethink Fb page. (Reach out to v@r to do this. When writing to v@r, do share the FB profile links of yours and the speaker. This will help us ensure that the profile we are extending access to is the right one)

You should also inform the speaker and let them know that you have given them access.

Step 5

We recommend that you keep an open line of communication with the speaker over WhatsApp/ Telegram. This is to ping each other in times of difficulty, to check if the speaker is audible, connected and so on. Please do so only with the consent and comfort of the speaker.

Fast forward to one hour before the live. Send across a quick reminder.

Do also add three points:

  • Since most of our audience is people/students across Kerala, request them to do their live session in Malayalam, if possible.
  • When they end the live session, they will see a black screen with a button called DONE. There is also a smaller link below the DONE button that says delete video. Do ask them to not click on the delete video button instead of the DONE button. (Yes, we lost two live videos because of this)


  • Request the speaker to have a stable internet connection for the best live experience.

Step 6

Adding a title to the video makes it easy for the audience to figure out what the live is about.

During the live session, be present and verify if your speaker is audible. Do also check if the live video has a proper title. When the live is done, copy the link of the live video and post it on our Reddit for ease of discovery.

Be sure to thank the speaker for taking out time and sharing his/her experience. In your thank you email, you may also share the link to the reddit thread with the link to their live session.


  1. Sample emails for each step
  2. Handbook to set up the live on Facebook
  3. Crafting Talking points for the Live Interview