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Notes: IBM offers internships to undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. students of Computer Science, IT, Electrical, Electronics, and Management stream. IBM Research Labs India (IRL) situated at Gurgaon and Bangalore provide summer research opportunities every year.


About IBM Internship

Landing an internship with IBM is one of the best ways to get your foot in the door and drastically improves your chances at landing a full time job at the company after graduation. IBM interns work on projects that provide valuable hands-on experience and will have the chance to learn from more experienced professionals. At the culmination of the internship, you'll have enough experience to determine if you're prepared to launch your career with IBM.

=What can you expect during your internship assignment?

  • Technical Community
  • Mentoring
  • Processes and Service
  • Patenting
  • Technology and Tools
  • Co-Working
  • BrandingTechnologies vary from basic Java programming to the latest in Cloud and Cognitive computing: Check

Application deadline

Extreme Blue – 12 Week Summer Internship. [1] Applications will close on Monday 15th October. To apply for Extreme Blue you must be in your penultimate year to study. Our 2019 Extreme Blue Internship starts on June 17th 2019 and finishes on September 6th, 2019.

Who you are

This position will assist the software product development team

Types of Internship

  • All about IBM and Cognitive computing
  • IBM student developer community
  • Extreme Blue at IBM
    • It is a 12 week assignment starting from May and ending by July end
  • The Brighter Blue
  • Early Professional Sellers Program


To be eligible to apply, applicants must:

  1. Be currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student in a college/university in India, for the 2016-17 and 2017-18 academic year
  2. Be currently pursuing a degree in computer science, computer engineering or a closely related technical field

Expected Candidate Profile

  • It requires you to be pursuing a technical, scientific, numerical degree along with problem-solving and teamwork skills.
  • You must know coding and a talent in programming will be an added advantage over others.
  • IBM also provides an opportunity in the field of research.
  • The well known IBM research labs (IRL) provides summer internship in the same every year.



  1. Through Website
    1. The preliminary way of applying is to visit the company’s website and apply through it. You’ll find the ‘careers’ tab at the top of the homepage. Apply by going on to the careers tab.
  2. Through Campus Drives
    1. IBM does visit some of the colleges and reputed institutions to hire the interested candidates for the internship. If your college isn’t one of them then contact your Training & Placement Cell and ask them to contact the concerned department at IBM for the same.
  3. Through Referal
    1. If you have a source at IBM, an insider who knows in & out at the company, you can ask them to forward your resume to the HR department of the company. You, thus, also get an advantage over the others.
  4. The Interview
    1. Post the application process, if you get shortlisted, you’ll be contacted by the recruitment team of the IBM for the interview process. You will be, most probably, asked for a telephonic interview which will determine your chance to make it through. You may also be asked for a face-to-face or skype interview. So be prepared accordingly.

Some pro-tips

  • Have open source contributions. Having a GitHub link, for example, in your resume definitely improves your chances of getting shortlisted during the initial screening.
  • A social media involvement in programming community (e.g. having a StackOverflow profile or a tech blog) makes you aware of the latest developments in your field and improves your chances of success in the interviews.
  • Resources: There are a number of online resources available for students to prepare for the interviews. There is an official skills roadmap for the Extreme Blue projects through which applicants can understand the required technical skills for the projects and practice them.
  • Be smart, active and enthusiastic while answering the questions.
  • Do not exaggerate but be expressive while answering.
  • You must be well versed in the core knowledge.
  • Your spontaneity matters more than the correctness of your answer.
  • Certification courses, if pursued, will be advantageous.
  • Leadership and problem-solving skills will be tested.
  • If you have any innovative ideas, pitch them.
  • Learn about the history and innovations of the company.

IBM internship Salary/Stipend

  • An Indian candidate will receive a competitive IBM internship pay/ salary/stipend/Remuneration.
  • Your career with IBM will lead to bright future, if you are thinking to return to IBM as a graduate, they look forward to your returning to IBM as a grad. and they will do everything they could, to make it possible.

IBM internship Selection Process

The selection procedure is a combination of written evaluations, phone or in-person technical and discussions with the individual in IBM internship experience.