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  • Introduction

Do you want to start contributing to open source?-then Mozilla Internship is the best thing to start with.

Mozilla Internship is an internship program which provides 1:1 guidance from mentors and awesome projects like Firefox and Rust

  • Benefits
    • Be mentored 1:1 by somebody brilliant.
    • Work on and impact cool projects like Firefox and Rust.
    • Get to take part in lots of awesome activities with your fellow interns.
    • Be able to blog about your projects and share them with the outside world.
    • No longer be the smartest person in the room.
    • Be part of our community care program — aka, Army of Awesome.
  • Mozilla

Mozilla is a free software community founded in 1998 by members of Netscape. The Mozilla community uses, develops, spreads and supports Mozilla products, thereby promoting exclusively free software and open standards, with only minor exceptions.The community is supported institutionally by the not-for-profit Mozilla Foundation and its tax-paying subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation.

  • Deadline

Mozilla begin accepting internship applications in October and are typically finished recruiting for the calendar year by the end of April. While there is no set application deadline, they have a limited number of positions open each year, so apply early! All open positions are posted on their listings page.

  • Selection process

The interview process is straightforward.

You can expect to have 3–5 technical interviews with live coding questions, usually done via Skype.
  • References