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Office hours is a platform which facilitates one-on-one online meetings over an appear call between professionals and students. A group of curated professionals will spend one hour every month on a voluntary basis with those selected set of students who wish to interact with them. These students are Rethink's Learning Program graduates.

The objective of this platform is to promote peer to peer mentoring. Professionals have been curated on their ability and willingness to help and their interest in educational commitments.


Office hours with professionals will happen on the third thursday of every month. Since our participants are college students and considering the fact that they have classes, Timing will be from 7pm to 9pm. Call will happen over Appear platform.

List of Professionals

Sl No. Name Appear Room Link
1 Anu Koshy
2 Roopa
3 Meera
4 Aswin Ram
5 Sreenivas Narayanan
6 Rajesh
7 Nileena Surendran
8 Asha Jomis
9 Tanvi Bhardwaj
10 Madhulika Mukherjee
11 Sruthi Kannan
12 Annie Mathew
13 Richa Singh
14 Bhavjot Kaur
15 Shameel Abdulla
16 Vivek Suresh

Useful Links

You can go through the code of the conduct here.

If you have more question you can check this FAQ.

Here is the checklist for how we organise Office Hours.