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We will be hosting one FB Live a week

On Saturdays at 10am

Link to FB Calendar (link to Google calendar)

Lives in August: Qualcomm, YC, Idea grant, KSM Fellowship, VP

If you wish to notify us of good opportunities that you come across, you can either mark it up on our reddit board as a new thread

Governance, communication & AMA - volunteers@rethinkfoundation.in

Patrons: All contributions only by UPI. One time contributions capped at 10k. Auto debit option to be explored only after first 3 months (even on request). First 3 months on BHIM app

Volunteers: Everyone starts as Project volunteers. People who graduate move on to become Rethink (Org) Volunteers and then on to Anchors. Completion of 2 to 3 volunteering projects in a 6 month time frame required to graduate to Org volunteers. Even when exploring fasttrack option owing to the candidate profile, a minimum requirement of 1 volunteering project cannot be skipped


volunteers@rtf - Will need to figure out how this works. People did express reservations on how this will work. Intent is to figure out a solution that can scale. From a design perspective, the mechanism seems very appealing - it provides for transparency, simplicity & clarity of purpose

For blog, we make use of QnA format. We can make use of sections like quotes, editors notes, info boxes etc as and when needed

For Live: Need a mechanism to source questions (AMA with X on Reddit thread), need a mechanism to understand the person more, the blog & wiki page should be up before Live happens. Editor reviews and provides the person with a bunch of suggestion points / questions / aspects to cover during the live

AMA reddit to be included with each person & opportunity wiki pages. Editors notes to be included with each opportunity - giving contextual information.

Curating Opportunities

  • Notify/Recommend - Anyone can notify/recommend opportunities by emailing to volunteers@rethinkcommunity.in.
  • Approve - A reddit thread is created for the opportunity by a volunteer. The editor decided whether an opportunity goes to the wiki or not.
  • Appeal - If an opportunity is rejected, the editor must explain the rationale behind the decision. The person who recommended the opportunity can appeal to reconsider the same - a reddit thread will be created to discuss the rejection of the opportunity among the recommender, volunteers and the editor. The final decision rests with the editor.
  • Develop - approved opportunities are developed into a wiki page
  • Review - An editorial review committee convenes every month to review all approved opportunities and iterate the curation process.

Opportunity Selection Criteria

  • തട്ടിപ്പല്ല
  • Principle Violation
  • Value addition

Would you recommend the opportunity to your friend? How did the program affect your career?

Two member project teams - Undergo capacity building using volunteer training modules and review process. Ideal project members will be those who are interested in a particular opportunity.

Volunteer LifeCycle

  • Project Volunteer - Each project would be of a duration of maximum 1 month
  • Rethink Volunteer - They become a part of the Rethink community and receive better visibility and access to the community. Need to work on at least 3 projects in a period of 3-6 months to qualify. Rethink volunteers get added to Reddit as approved submitters & to volunteers@rtf.in. Need 1 project once every 6 months to retain membership
  • Anchors - They take increased responsibility in a project. They become editors / moderators / linchpins


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