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Email filter for v@r's

Problem: When someone writes to v@r or marks v@r in cc, all Rethink v@r's receive a copy of the email. As it stands now, all these emails come to the main Gmail inbox of all v@r's and mix up with their personal inbox. There is a need to develop a Gmail filter that will sort v@r queries/emails alone while allowing other emails addressed to the person to drop in their inbox.

Objective: To write a Gmail filter for all v@r's that satisfies the following conditions:

  1. All emails that come to:v@r or has cc:v@r should skip the Gmail inbox and be added a v@r label
  2. v@r emails sent by v@r's should not be listed in the label
  3. If a specific person is marked in cc in the v@r emails, the email should come up in their main inbox instead of going to the v@r label.

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