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(Cohort 2)
(Cohort 2)
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| [https://www.linkedin.com/in/sulekha-jalaluddin-002020a5/ Sulekha Jalaluddin]
| [https://www.linkedin.com/in/sulekha-jalaluddin-002020a5/ Sulekha Jalaluddin]
| Sreelekshmi R
| sulekha.jalaluddin@gmail.com
| sulekha.jalaluddin@gmail.com

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The core objective of Rethink has been to facilitate professional excellence and aid the growth of talent and skills in the youth of Kerala. In the last couple of months, we have been doing this by ensuring that students know about various opportunities they have and apply towards them.

This year, we are looking to expand our focus to Jobs. We want all our students and youngsters to have a phenomenal career, not just a good job. We awnt them to have ambitious goals and the skills to make it happen.

The ability to craft a great career comes with experience, skills and hands-on execution. But more importantly, their professional goals will be materialised only when they first believe that it is possible to achieve them.

As a hack to help them get started on the journey, we have come up with the idea of getting them to interact with an accomplished alumni of their college through a Facebook Live interview.

Essentially, the student will be communicating with the alumni and hosting a Live interview with them on the alumni's current role and how one can get there.

The benefit of this is threefold:

1. Interacting with someone who was just like them a couple of years ago and has gone on to do some great things in life, brings a lot of relatability to the table. It makes their goals seem more achievable. "If she can do it, I can too" sorts.

2. By interacting with alumni, the students are constantly working on their communication and execution skills while building a great professional relationship with them. The engagement gives them a taste of what the professional world looks like and what it takes to get there.

3. In the process of doing the interview, if the students build great affinity with the alumni, it opens the possibility of the alumni becoming a mentor to the student or also recommending him/her to the organization they are working with. Getting a referral may also help them land an interview with the organization and eventually get hired.

Cohort 1

Alumni College, Branch and Year of graduation About the Alumni Contributer Live
Antony Arun Davis CET, CSE, 2005 Batch Antony is a 2005 CET Computer Science graduate. He went on to pursue MBA from SP Jain Global Institute of Management and work as the Senior Consultant at PwC and E&Y. He currently works as Assistant Vice President in HSBC. Pooja Live confirmed
Vijay Viswam SCT, ECE,2005 batch Vijay is a 2005 SCT ECE graduate. He has 10 years of experience in Analog Circuit Design and is currently a Doctral Research Scholar at ETH Zurich. Raoof Reached out to speaker
Nandaja A SCT, ECE, 2005 batch Nandaja is a 2005 SCT ECE graduate. She went on to pursue MS in Information systems from BITS Pilani. After 7 years of industry experience as Software Engineer, she now works as a Software Engineering Manager at Yahoo! Parvathy Reached out to speaker
Sreeraj Sreedharakurup MEC, ECE, 1993 batch Sreeraj is a 1993 MEC ECE graduate. He has 20 years of experience in Analog device design, VLSI, product development. He serves as the CTO of Ordyn Technologies and is currently an independent Technology Consultant. Sharon Rachel Reached out to speaker
Anila Susan CEC, CSE, 2005 batch Anila is a 2005 CEC CSE graduate. She has 10 years of experience in Software development, testing and Quality Assurance. Currently, she works as a Test Lead in Netcracker. Amalu Reached out to speaker
Vikas Plakkot GECT, Mech, 2011 batch Vikas is a 2011 GECT Mech graduate. After completing the Teach for India fellowship, he started his own social enterprise by the name Just for Kicks. He also represented India at the United Nations as their Global Youth Ambassador in 2013. Keerthana K S Reached out to speaker
Amrit Sanjeev CUSAT, CSE, 2003 batch Amrit is a 2003 CUSAT CSE graduate. He has over 10 years of experience as a software engineer and currently works as the Senior Developer Advocate at Google. Amrit also fosters deep interests in community engagement and developer relations. Shibin Reached out to speaker
Annie Mathew TKM, EEE, 1986 batch Annie is a 1986 TKM EEE graduate. She pursued her MBA from Indian School of Business and also has extensive experience in technology innovation and ecosystem building. Annie has served on the board of several organizations, notable ones being Startup Village, AP Innovation Society, HIMSS India. She currently works as the Senior Director, Evangelism at Microsoft. Irene Tenison Reached out to speaker
Adarsh Chandran GECB, Mech, 2005 batch Adarsh is a 2005 GECB Mech graduate. He has over 12 years of industry experience in Human Resources. He urrently works as the Senior HR Business Partner at UST Global. Pheba Anna Philip Reached out to speaker

Cohort 2

Number Name College Description Email Address Contributor
1 Saji Gopinath CET ceo@startupmission.in Ramesh Panattil
2 Sreenivas Narayanan CET sreenivas.n@gmail.com Hrithu
3 Aswin Ram CET aswin.nxt@gmail.com Gayathri
4 Sojish Nair CET sojish.d@gmail.com Megha Ben
5 Sreejith SL CET sreejith6184@gmail.com Gopika
6 Divya CET divya.s.abraham@gmail.com
7 Simon Zachariah CET simonzcdac@gmail.com Maria Johny
8 Shanthi Ravindran CET Shanthi.Ravindran62@gmail.com, shanthiravindran62@gmail.com Sailakshmi P V
9 Neema Surendran CET neema.k.surendran@gmail.com Chithra Iyer
10 Rajet Krishnan CET rajet.krishnan@gmail.com
1 Sandeep Zachariah SCT sz@sandeepzachariah.in Brahmadatha M R
2 Lishoy SCT lishoy@mobme.in Alma Anvar
3 Radeep Jacob Mathew SCT radeepjm@gmail.com Niveditha Nair
4 Rahul S SCT rahul.31477@gmail.com
5 Sreejith Muralidharan SCT sreejith.murali@gmail.com
6 Sijo GR SCT sijograj@gmail.com Himabindu Bharadwaj
7 Madhu Sankar SCT madhusankars@gmail.com Ashna
8 Parvathy B SCT planetparvathy@gmail.com Harshita
9 Sulekha Jalaluddin SCT Sreelekshmi R sulekha.jalaluddin@gmail.com
10 Naizam Olakara SCT naizam.olakara@oracle.com Arya A R
1 Adwaith Kuttikatt GECT adwaithkuttikkatt@gmail.com Anna
2 Neenu Thankachan GECT neenuthankachan2395@gmail.com Anjana Dev
3 Chinnu Ram GECT chinnuram@i2india.in, enchinnuram@gmail.com Harsha
4 Preethy V Warrier GECT preethy_v_warrier@ieee.org Azra
5 Ajay Raj GECT mailmeatajayraj@gmail.com Haifa
6 Harikrishnan Aravind GECT hariaravind@gmail.com, harikrishnan.aravind@target.com Disny
7 Abhijeet Balakrishnan GECT Abhijeet.explorer@gmail.com Gayathri
8 Bharath Ravikumar GECT bharath240592@gmail.com Shreya
9 Dini P S GECT dinisatheesan@gmail.com Sagara
10 Varun Mulloli GECT varun.mulloli@flipkart.com, varunmulloli@gmail.com Keerthana
11 Rahul Sathyajit GECT rahulsathyajit@gmail.com Adithya
12 Praveen Menon GECT praveen1027@rediffmail.com, praveenp_menon@yahoo.com
1 Sreeja Nair GECBH sreejacnair@gmail.com Fathima
2 Rajani Janaki Ram GECBH rajanij@microsoft.com Bhavana
3 Nikhil Kurien GECBH nikhilkurien@gmail.com Anju
4 Vishnu R G GECBH vishnurg001@gmail.com, vishnu_g@infosys.com Aswathi
5 Benny Kuruvilla GECBH bennymathewkuruvila@gmail.com Rohini
6 Vimal Nair GECBH vimal.nair@bosch.com Lekshmi
7 Arun Kumar GECBH arunk@cdac.in Serene
8 Jairus Fernandez GECBH jairusfernandez@gmail.com Shibbani
9 Anoop John GECBH anoop.john@zyxware.com Vandana
10 Sreya S R GECBH sreya.r@nxp.com Minu
11 Winster GECBH wtjose@gmail.com Alwin
1 Vyas Mohan MEC vyas.thottathil@gmail.com Karthika Baiju
2 Arivind Ajith MEC aajith@qburst.com Anjali Murali
3 Shijin Bose Kavara MEC shijin.bose-kavara@bhge.com Tiya Jose
4 Sajith P MEC sajithp.mec@gmail.com Anjitha
5 Anoop C Jose MEC anoopcjose@gmail.com Aparna Reghunath
6 Edwin Basil James MEC edwin@litmus7.com Karen Jijo
7 AMAL K MEC amal.k@ericsson.com Shreya Shankar
8 Arjun Shenoy MEC arjun.shenoy@teradata.com Nikita Mallya
9 Ajay Menon MEC ajay.menon@in.bosch.com Pavithra Hari
10 Bharath Kumar N MEC bkumar-n@cadence.com Archana Pradeep
11 Akhil Shibu MEC akhil.shibu@ey.com Anjali Karoth
1 Akhil Ramesh CUSAT akhilramesh786@gmail.com Anjali P A
2 Karthik Sivadas CUSAT sivadas@chillr.in Ajuma K
3 Sreerag Unnikrishnan CUSAT sreerag.unnikrishnan@olacabs.com Aayisha Shehsin
4 Rahul Ramesh CUSAT msg4rahul@gmail.com Nafiha Nalakath
5 Sooraj Rajan CUSAT soorajthemonk@gmail.com, sooraj.nair@sbi.co.in Rehana Sheerin
6 Nabeel KM CUSAT nkm@sastrarobotics.com Aneesa
7 Shaheen Siddique CUSAT shaheen.siddique@wipro.com Ann Mary
8 Reshma MK CUSAT reeshna.mk@hp.com Bhagya Nadukandy
9 Jeeey Don CUSAT jerry@toobler.com
10 Aditya Patil CUSAT
1 Sunil Balakrishnan TKM sunil.balakrishnan@ust-global.com Anita Maria Sunny
2 Tom Panattil TKM tom.panattil@hp.com Merin
3 Binoy Joseph TKM binoy.joseph@hcl.com Deepika Krishna
4 Sudheer Noohu TKM noohu.sudheer@excelityglobal.com Ashmy
5 Hafiya Mohamed TKM hafiya@gmail.com Namitha Nair
6 Padmapriya K TKM kp@isro.gov.in Aiswatha
7 Ajit Paul TKM ajit.paul@pearson.com Lakshmi Jayakumar
8 Neethu Mathew TKM neethu.mathew@hcl.com Nandana Suresh
9 Mini T T TKM mini.t@alchemysolutions.in Reniya
10 Santhosh Mathew TKM santhosh.mathew@microsoft.com Shahin Hashim
1 Joe Paul M MACE joepaulm@gmail.com Anna S Lal
2 Sharon Francis MACE sfrancis@inapp.com Riya Kuruvilla
1 Aravind Sunil CEC aravind.sunil@tcs.com Joys Maria Joseph
2 Tony Tom CEC Ashvini Bhatt V
3 Shahul Hameed CEC shahul.hameed@entri.me Jiya S
4 Jyothish Jayan CEC jyothish.jayan@wavemaker.com Shijin Elza Alex
5 Riya Anie Cherian CEC Parvathy
6 Githin Alapat CEC githin.alapatt@intel.com Sharon Baby
7 Vinod Kumar CEC vinod@cs.stanford.edu Alida Sunil
8 Asha Iype CEC ashaiype@gmail.com Sneha Mariam Santhosh
9 Alan George CEC alankgeorge@gmail.com Staji Wilson
10 Harish C B CEC cbzworld@gmail.com Nikitha P