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Notes: Scholarship for female engineering students by ABI to attend Grace Hopper Celebration India
* 2018 GHCI student scholarships are open now. Deadline June 30, 2018.
Grace Hopper Celebration India
Website GHC India
Hosted by Anita B.org Institute
Applications starting date April 16, 2018
Deadline June 30, 2018


About GHCI Scholarship

GHCI is India’s largest technical conference for women in computing and technology hosted by Anita Borg Institute (ABI) India. Every year ABI offers around 200 Student Scholarships for the conference.

Application deadline

Apply here by June 30, 2018 at 11:59 pm IST

About GHCI

GHCI is India’s largest technical conference for women in computing and technology. The conference is co-presented by the Anita Borg Institute (ABI) India and Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) India. ABI India has been successfully organizing this annual conference since 2010.

You may read about the conference : here

At the Conference, you can:

  1. Attend Technical and Managerial sessions
  2. One on One Mentoring sessions
  3. Network with fellow Women in Tech
  4. Leverage the Student Career Fair to land an internship/job in your dream company


Selected students will receive

  1. Registration fee to attend the conference (including meals)
  2. Accommodation arrangements for outstation students
  3. Travel ticket (by train/bus/air) reimbursements (up to Rs. 2,250)


To be eligible to apply, applicants must:

  1. be a female student
  2. be a final year student of their degree course, postgraduate and PhD students from computing, engineering and IT backgrounds.

Note: Both 2018 and 2019 B.Tech graduates are eligible to apply provided the student is NOT working with a company in November 2018 (during GHCI).

Selection Criteria

  • Academic achievements
  • Focus on specialization through internships, paper presentations
  • Participation in contests and workshops
  • Projects
  • Other extra -curricular activities.

Application Process

To complete the application, you will require the following

  1. General Information about you
  2. Resume/CV
  3. SOP
  4. Technical skills and extra-curricular activities
  5. Video answering “Why do you want to attend GHCI?“
  6. Recommendations by one or more faculty members


  1. Copy of the GHCI Scholarship application --You may use it as a workbook before filling in the actual application form. This is advised since it is easy to edit and share your application draft

2017 Application Resources

  1. Application Walkthrough.
  2. Application Walkthrough Video
  3. Application Guide

Previous Winners


No Name Hometown College Branch Email Winning Application Live
1 Aayisha A A Ernakulam CUSAT CS aayishashehsin@gmail.com Application
2 Aiswarya P A Trivandrum SCT ECE paaishwarya18@gmail.com Aishwarya Live
3 Aminath Sabeena TKMIT EB aminath27sabeena@gmail.com Aminath Live
4 Anjali K Kannur MEC EEE anjali.kdivakaran@gmail.com
5 Anjali P A CUSAT IT anjali9265@gmail.com Anjali Live
6 Anjana Dev GECT ECE anjanadev96@gmail.com
7 Ansu Joseph Kottayam RIT ECE ansujoseph306@gmail.com Ansu Live
8 Anu S Kaimal SCMS CSE anuskaimal@ieee.org
9 Athira L I Jyothi CSE sreeml5thira@gmail.com Athira Live
10 Deepthi A V Kozhikode CUSAT IT deepthiav3@gmail.com Application
11 Deepthi N P SCT ECE deepthipillai96@gmail.com Deepthi Live
12 Devi Radhakrishnan Amrita, Kollam CSE devikrishnan67@gmail.com
13 Gopika K J FISAT kj.gopika@gmail.com
14 Greeshma Ranjeev Rajagiri EEE greeshmaranjeev1@gmail.com
15 Haritha Amrita, Kollam CSE haritha.h20@gmail.com
16 Irene George Ernakulam CUSAT IT irenegrg12@gmail.com Irene Live
17 Irene Tenison TKMCE EEE irene.tenison@gmail.com Irene Live
18 Jess Vincent CEC CS jesscherayil@gmail.com Application
19 Joys Maria Joseph Kottayam CEC CS joysmariajoseph@gmail.com Application Joys Live-1 Joys Live-2
20 Karthika B Ernakulam MEC ECE karthikabaiju.mec@gmail.com Application
21 Keerthana K S Thrissur GECT CSE kskeerthana33@gmail.com Application Keerthana Live
22 Kumari Surya Remanan CUSAT ECE smartysurya.remanan@gmail.com Surya Live
23 Lakshmi Mohan TOCH CSE lakshmimohan0403@gmail.com
24 Liyana Shirin K MES ECE liyana.s.1996@ieee.org Liyana Live
25 Malavika A B MACE CSE ab.malavika@gmail.com Malavika Live
26 Manju Venugopal GECT EEE manjuvenugopal96@gmail.com
27 Maria Johny Kochi CET ECE mariajohny1121@gmail.com Application
28 Palakkal Aiswarya Karunan Thrissur Jyothi CSE aiswaryakarunan@gmail.com Application
29 Pheba Anna Philip Trivandrum GECBH ECE pheba96@gmail.com Application Pheba Live
30 Pritika Merryl Pathanamthitta SJCET CSE pritikamerryl@gmail.com Application Pritika Live-1 Pritika Live-2
31 Priyanka Chandran SCT ECE priyanka_chandran@ieee.org Priyanka Live
32 Ritu Sunil SCT ECE riturose.sunil@gmail.com Ritu Live
33 Ruby Reetha George MACE CSE rubyreethageorge@gmail.com Ruby Live
34 Sailakshmi P V Ernakulam CET AEI sai915.pv@gmail.com Application Sailakshmi Live
35 Shadiyah M Malapurram CET ECE shadiyahm@gmail.com
36 Sharon Rachel Manu Ernakulam MEC CSE sharonrachelmanu.mec@gmail.com Sharon Live
37 Sheby Mariam Babu SJCET CSE sheby178@gmail.com Sheby Live-1 Sheby Live-2
38 Shibanni Shah Trivandrum GECBH EEE shibannishah@gmail.com
39 Shreya Jacob MACE CSE shreyajacob21@gmail.com Shreya Live
40 Stefy Thomas SJCET CSE stefythomas2013@gmail.com Stefy Live-1 Stefy Live-2
41 Akhina Manual TocH IT akhinamanual895@gmail.com
42 Gouri Thampi MEC ECE gourithampi.mec@gmail.com
43 Nora Elizabeth Joby NIT-C ECE norajoby@gmail.com


No Name Hometown College Branch Email Winning Application Live
1 Anjali Thomas MEC anjalithomasmm@gmail.com
2 Anjana CET anjanaraju0710@gmail.com
3 Anu Abraham CET anuabrhm@gmail.com
4 Aparna CET avaparna39@gmail.com
5 Arya Murali Palakkad GECT ECE hello@aryamurali.com Application
6 Bhavana H CET bhavaneeth09@gmail.com
7 Fausya Amalh Ernakulam MEC EEE fausyaamalhmec@gmail.com Application
8 Jeshvi Vinoji MEC jeshvitvinoji.mec@gmail.com
9 Karthika CET karthikarajendrakumar@gmail.com
10 Lakshmi Jayalal CET ljayalal@gmail.com
11 Megha Ben CET meggy2benny@gmail.com
12 Meghna Mariam MEC meghnamariamalias.mec@gmail.com
13 Nimisha SCT nims1512@gmail.com
14 Pooja Reghu CET poojachaithram@gmail.com Pooja Live
15 Remya Prakasan MEC kpremya1295@gmail.com
16 Roshni CET roshnitk.123@gmail.com
17 Shilpa Thomas CET shilpa.tm@gmail.com


No Name Hometown College Branch Email Winning Application Live
1 Nidhiya V Raj CUSAT nidhiyarsnd@gmail.com
2 Sethu Sathyan SJCET hello@sethusathyan.in
3 Julian MEC julian93.mec@gmail.com
4 Keerthana Krishnan MEC contactkeerthana@gmail.com
5 AnjalI Elizabeth MEC anjalysaju123@gmail.com
6 Tessy Joseph CEC tessyjoseph92@gmail.com
7 Martina Thampan CEC
8 Athulya TOCH atulyaprakash22@gmail.com


Official Support Email - indiaqueries@anitab.org