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I2E is a learning program property of Rethink Foundation for startup founders and aspirants. I2E is a capacity building intervention of Rethink Foundation for startup founders and aspirants

Objectives of I2E

Objective of I2E is to create an entrepreneurial talent pipeline Through capacity building interventions

  • Objective 1
  • Objective 2
  • Objective 3

- Exposure
- Belief
- Guidance

- Capacity building

How do we do this? (Interventions)

1. Knowledge Series
2. Learning Programs

How does one join?

- Create profile in Bot (access to KS)
- Apply (to be part of learning program)

Process / workflow

Person who wishes to have access to content needs to have profile created on Rethink At this point profile creation is not subject to approval. The profile / person needs to be qualified at some point though (through a call) Those who create profile will be provided link to join channel and will also receive mails from us. Those who wish to be part of learning program should make an application. Applications will be reviewed and the ones shortlisted will be invited for an online video interview / interaction (Meet / Appear / Zoom)


Complete form design


Profile and interest entries to be created in Rethink db
Form owner to be v@r
Mails to go out from v@r
Have a channel. Channel owner to be Rethink (9497051383)
Only people with profile and expressed interest in i2e are allowed to join channel
To keep track / log of people joining and leaving channel
Trigger email system for people selected and not selected to i2e
On submission of application form, next step for selection is a call.
Evaluation based on call to be captured (via a form again perhaps)
Call can either be scheduled for all who apply (to start with) or based on a filter.
List of people who participated and graduated to be published on Wiki
List of people who graduated to be invited to join the Open Delta network
Have to think through what sorts of assets and networks we will facilitate creation for participants
Need a system to keep track of count: an internal channel - updates on each application and provides count on a schedule.
Count on request can be provided by bot - need this to be access controlled.