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Common Submissions - TWTW every week Emails, Decks and Videos


1. Create and publish personal website 2. Create introduction video and upload in YT (public access) 3. Watch interview by an earlier WIT participant. Write a blog capturing what you liked best about the interview + your learnings. Write the WIT learner a mail complementing them.


1. Find 3 opportunities you wish to apply to and tweet them 2. Pick one opportunity to work towards, research about it and create a wiki page


1. Create a dialogflow bot that answers 5 questions about the opportunity 2. Create a website for the bot 3. Create a demo video for the bot 4. Create a tutorial for the bot


1. Find a previous winner of the opportunity 2. Locate their email and write to them (request an interview with them) 3. Complete the interview over YT live and publish it with public access 4. Complete your LinkedIn profile


1. Create your Resume 2. Complete the Reflection Application Form (Will be created)