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Rethink's Resume Building Micro Learning program is a 2-day weekend learning program for students and recent graduates to equip them to create a strong resume.


A high-level outcome of the program is to get you to actively start thinking and acting on your career goals.

How do we do it

We do this by using the resume building process as a Career Planning Tool. Over the course of the 2 days, you will build a professional resume, and take part in activities and discussions that trigger thoughts and actions towards your career.

Program Structure

The program begins on March 29 (Friday) and will be till March 31 (Sunday). You will receive an email each day with the required instructions and guidance on activities for the day. We require you to put aside 1 hour every day from 7 - 8 pm for the 3 days starting March 29 for a mandatory activity or call. There will also be an optional Open House / Q&A from 11 am to 12 pm on March 30th ( Saturday ) and March 31st ( Sunday ) where you can clarify your queries if any.

By end of Program

You would have built a professional looking resume and will receive a detailed personalised review of it.

Program Requirements

  • Actively participate in all discussions and activities.
  • Make timely submission of your resume

Program Guidelines

All participants of Rethink's WITx Learning Program are expected to abide by the following guidelines at all points in time.

Abide by the Code of Conduct

At WIT-Rethink, we want everyone to have a safe and healthy experience. Cases of harassment and abuse will be viewed with zero tolerance.

Do read through our Learning Community Guidelines very carefully and do note that by participating in the WIT Program you agree to abide by these: [Learning Community Guidelines - Rethink Wiki]

Always cc

This is our Governance mechanism. Having in the loop is a check and balance mechanism where everything we write about is made aware to only the key volunteers at Rethink.

It also helps everyone stay in the loop and step in wherever help is needed.

Keep communication to emails or groups (No DMs)

To get in touch with anyone at Rethink, you may use email or telegram groups only. Personal DMs or Phone calls are not encouraged.

In cases where you wish to get on a call, make the request over email and arrange an appear call instead.

Be on time

Respect everyone’s time. Be on time. Always.

In the professional world, no one waits for you. And you shouldn’t make them wait for you.


  • Where and how do the calls occur?

The Intro call, Guidance session and Open House will happen through Zoom ( an online video chat application ). The link for each of these will be shared in the program Telegram group.

Note: You don’t have to create a profile to join. Just click on the link shared.

  • Where and how are the activities done?

The details and instructions of the activities will be shared in the Telegram group at the right times.

  • Where do I interact with my peers and have a discussion?

You can discuss with your peers in the Telegram group for the program.

  • What are the tools or platform that will be used inside the program?

Telegram, Zoom and Twitter are the tools that will be used inside the program. If you already don’t have an account in Telegram or Twitter you should make one before joining the program.