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  • Reach out to the person and schedule an interview date and time
  • Inform people in the circle about the interview and solicit questions
  • Record the interview and collect all collaterals (photos, videos, resources)
  • Draft the wiki page for the subject of interview and submit for review
  • Draft the wiki page for the person and submit for review
  • Draft blog post and submit for review
  • Publish the wiki pages and the blog post
  • Announce in the circle through newsletter, twitter, facebook and instagram

Patrons onboarding

  • Call potential patron and onboard them
  • Add photo to google drive
  • Add information about the patron to the google sheet
  • Add the patron to email group
  • Add information about the patron to wiki
  • Add the patron to website

Creating a Wiki account for a user

  • Goto Special Pages
  • Find Create account (Ctrl-F -> Create account).
  • Username should be the official full name of the person (Example: Sijo Kuruvilla George)
  • Password should be generated from GRC (a new unique password is generated on each reload).
  • Copy the password from the field 64 random hexadecimal characters (0-9 and A-F) (first password field).
  • Store the username and password (Google Sheet).
  • Fill in the official full name in the *Real Name* field.
  • Skip the other fields (including email field)
  • Create account