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Notes: $10,000 scholarship and one year of mentorship for future female leaders

Toptal scholarship
Applications open (Apply here)
Deadline Nov 30, 2018


About Toptal

Toptal is a freelancing platform that connects businesses with software engineers, designers, and business consultants globally. Toptal is an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, and project managers in the world. They are working towards to create more female leaders around the globe.

About Toptal scholarship

This international scholarship aims at creating next generation of female CEOs, founders and world leaders who want to change the world. The scholarship contains $10000 and they will pair the scholar with a mentor for one year to set the scholars in the right path.


The applications are open till November 30, 2018. Apply here


The scholarship is awarded to 5 aspiring women leaders. The scholarship consists of :

  1. $10,000 : Meaningful support, so you can focus on developing yourself as a future leader.
  2. One year of Mentorship : Mentoring from a Toptal expert with the skills and knowledge you need to set you on the right path.


  • ALl women, 16 years or above, who have not been previously awarded Toptal scholarship or grant.
  • Experience or background are not an eligibility criteria
  • Good leadership potential
  • Must be a legal citizen of the country that applicant is residing
  • Toptal employees, freelancers and their immediate family members or household are ineligible for applying



  • A blog post of atleast 1000 words on the applicant's ideas on changing the world. It should include:
    • your vision
    • detailed road map to achieve your goals
    • type of mentorship you need to reach the goal with reference to Toptal scholarship
    • what inspires you for taking this leap
    • who will benefit from this idea
    • Long term plans
  • Post this blog under your personal blog. This blog should remain posted during the whole scholarship time period
  • Videos or presentation that you wish to include to support your application must be included in the blog post through links
  • Github link can also be included in the application form as supporting material to the software you have created.( It must only contain your personal contributions and must other to github's policies on open source project)
  • Fill the application form



You may reach us at for assistance.

Disclaimer: Toptal is the official authority hosting this opportunity and NOT Rethink. Should you wish to reach the Toptal team directly, please write to them in their support email listed in References section below