WITx-GHCI-Muthoot Scholarship

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* Applications to the WITx- GHCI - Muthoot scholarships are open now. Deadline Nov 10, 2018.
WITx- GHCI - Muthoot Scholarship
Hosted by Rethink-WIT in partnership with Muthoot Foundation
Applications starting date November 9, 2018
Deadline November 10, 2018, 11:59 PM
Application Link Apply - Form 1 here Apply Form 2 here


The WITx- GHCI - Muthoot Scholarships are offered to top 5 participants of the WITx Learning Program by Rethink. Selected top 5 students receive a fully paid pass to attend the GHCI Conference 2018.

About WITx Learning Program

Rethink's Women in Tech Learning Program is a 2 week learning program for female engineering students, designed to equip them to leverage the various Women in Tech opportunities.

About Muthoot Foundation

The Muthoot M. George Foundation helps a number of organizations as well as individuals in need of financial as well as medical assistance. Innumerable organisations approach us to request medical or financial assistance.

The foundation is Rethink's Scholarship Partner for the WITx-GHCI-Muthoot Scholarships.

About GHCI

GHCI is India’s largest technical conference for women in computing and technology. The conference is co-presented by the Anita Borg Institute (ABI) India and Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) India. ABI India has been successfully organising this annual conference since 2010.

At the GHCI Conference, you can:

  1. Attend Technical and Managerial sessions
  2. One on One Mentoring sessions
  3. Network with fellow Women in Tech
  4. Leverage the Student Career Fair to land an internship/job in your dream company


Selected students will receive fully paid conference pass (Amounting to INR 8500) to attend the GHCI 2018 conference (including meals).


To be eligible to apply, applicants should:

  1. be a participant of the WITx Learning Program
  2. have completed the following tasks
    1. All TWTWs
    2. Discover Activity Tweets
    3. Published Interview Summary
    4. Published Bot on Opportunity


Application Process

To complete the application, you are required to submit the two application forms.

Application Forms

  • Form 1 - Collects published links to all your WITx Activity Submissions - Apply here
  • Form 2 - WITx- GHCI - Muthoot Scholarship Application Form - Apply here

What must the Recommendation Letter Include?

Recommenders are expected to clearly mention the following in their Letter of Recommendation:

  • Relationship between the applicant and the recommender
  • Recommender's view on applicant's technical and leadership skills.

Selection Criteria

Criteria Weightage
WITx Submissions 70%
WITx- GHCI - Muthoot Application Responses 30%

What do we look for?

  1. Aspiration
  2. Demonstrated interest and skills in technology and leadership
  3. Commitment to learn and improve
  4. Performance in the WITx Program


Event Date
Scholarship Application Opens Nov 9, 2018
Scholarship Application Deadline Nov 10, 2018, 11:59 PM IST
Recommendation Deadline Nov 19, 2018, 11:59 PM IST
Result Announcement Nov 11, 2018
GHCI Conference Dates November 14 - 16, 2018


You may reach us at volunteers@rethinkfoundation.in for guidance.


  1. WIT Learning Program
  2. GHCI Website
  3. ABI's Website
  4. Official Hashtag: #GHCI18. Follow the hashtag to know latest updates about the program.