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We look forward to your submissions.
We look forward to your submissions.
==Updates and FAQs==
===1. Edit your Profile===
===1. Edit your Profile===

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Rethink's WITx Learning Program is a 2 week learning program for female engineering students, designed to equip them to leverage the various Women in Tech opportunities.

Stage 2 Selection Activity

All WITx Aspirants who have completed the Application Form are also required to complete the following Stage 2 Selection Activities. Your final selection to the program will depend on your Application form as well as Stage 2 activity submissions.

You are required to complete 2 activities as part of your Stage 2 selection process:

1. Create an Introduction video

Shoot a quick 2-minute video introducing yourself and upload it on youtube (Create your own channel on YouTube and remember to make the video public).

In the video, you can introduce yourself, what you have done so far (your projects, clubs you are a part of, projects you have done or are doing etc), what your aspiration is and what about the WITx Program you are looking forward to.

2. Create your personal website

You are required to create your own personal website using Google Sites and publish it. It is pretty easy and quick to figure out. What you should do is put together a simple website, add in content about you and publish it.

Examples: You may take a look at personal websites and introduction videos created by WIT Cohort 1 participants here.

How to submit the activities?

Both activity submissions are to be made using the Rethinkbot. Ping the @rethinkbot on telegram and

  1. Type /video to submit the link to your video uploaded in Youtube.
  2. Type /website to submit the link to your personal website.

Do wait for the bot to respond before you make the submissions and submit your links carefully.

Deadline - Oct 21, 11:59 PM

The deadline to submit both these activities is Oct 21, 11:59 PM.

Clarifying your Queries

You may make use of the WIT Interest Group to clarify any queries you might have. Our team will be available in the group to answer your queries.

If you have not joined the group yet, ping the @Rethinkbot on telegram and type /WIT to get the link to join the group.

Keep yourself posted about latest updates by going through our website: wit.rethinkfoundation.in

On that note, we will you all the very best for both these activities. We look forward to your submissions.

Updates and FAQs

1. Edit your Profile

If you faced trouble while creating your profile on Telegram - If the data you entered was jumbled or wrong, you might not have received a confirmation email of your application or any further updates from us. As of now you have been emailing us at v@r in resolving this.

In order to do you fix this issue on your own, what we have done is enabled an Edit Profile option in the Rethink bot.

To edit you profile, ping the rethinkbot on telegram and type /editprofile. You will then be able to edit your profile from the start, in the correct order.

Do remember to be patient with the bot and to not hurry when typing your responses.

2. Check the status of your application

There appears to have been some confusion regarding application submission to the WITx program. Clarifying that by creating the profile on the rethinkbot, you have only Expressed interest in the WIT program and have not applied to it.

To be considered for the WITx program, you will be required to complete an additional application form as well.

To know the status of your application, ping the rethinkbot on telegram and type /status. You will then know whether you have only expressed interest or whether we have received your application.

3. What after filling the application? -- Complete stage 2 selection activities.

If your application to the WITx program has been successfully received, you would have received an email from us regarding stage 2 selection steps.

We require you to then complete complete both the Stage 2 selection activities as instructed.

4. Should I make my Introduction video on Youtube Public?

Yes. You are expected to make your Introduction Video on YouTube Public.

5.Can I create website on a platform other than Google Site?

No. For the scope of this program, you are expected to create your website using Google Sites itself. (Even if you already have a website)