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Rethink's WITx Learning Program is a 2 week learning program for female engineering students, designed to equip them to leverage the various Women in Tech opportunities.

WITx Program Requirements

  • Actively participate in all discussions and activities.
  • Make timely submissions to weekly activities
  • Maintain weekly TWTWs.

(TWTW stands for The Week That Was and is a summary of your learning and experiences through the week. Checkout some sample TWTWs here)

WITx Program Guidelines

All participants of Rethink's WITx Learning Program are expected to abide by the following guidelines at all points in time.

Abide by the Code of Conduct

At WIT-Rethink, we want everyone to have a safe and healthy experience. Cases of harassment and abuse will be viewed with zero tolerance.

Do read through our Learning Community Guidelines very carefully and do note that by participating in the WIT Program you agree to abide by these:

https://wiki.rethinkfoundation.in/Learning_Community_Guidelines [Learning Community Guidelines - Rethink Wiki]

Always cc v@r (volunteers@rethinkfoundation.in)

v@r is our Governance mechanism. Having v@r in the loop is a check and balance mechanism where everything we write about is made aware to only the key volunteers at Rethink.

v@r also helps everyone stay in the loop and step in wherever help is needed.

Keep communication to emails or groups (No DMs)

To get in touch with anyone at Rethink, you may use email or telegram groups only. Personal DMs or Phone calls are not encouraged.

In cases where you wish to get on a call, make the request over email and arrange an appear call instead.

Be on time

Respect everyone’s time. Be on time. Always.

In the professional world, no one waits for you. And you shouldn’t make them wait for you.

Updates and FAQs

1. Edit your Profile

If you faced trouble while creating your profile on Telegram - If the data you entered was jumbled or wrong, you might not have received a confirmation email of your application or any further updates from us. As of now you have been emailing us at v@r in resolving this.

In order to do you fix this issue on your own, what we have done is enabled an Edit Profile option in the Rethink bot.

To edit you profile, ping the rethinkbot on telegram and type /editprofile. You will then be able to edit your profile from the start, in the correct order.

Do remember to be patient with the bot and to not hurry when typing your responses.