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Notes: The best accelerator you can possibly get into. Need we say more?
Y Combinator
Y Combinator.png
Type Startup Accelerator
City Mountain View, California
Twitter @ycombinator
Website Y Combinator
Applications Closed
Deadline March 24, 2018 (9:30 AM IST)

Y Combinator is widely considered the world's best startup accelerator. Indian startups Marketfox, Razorpay, HackerRank and International startups Dropbox, Airbnb, Stripe are among the 1500+ companies that have gone through YC.

Twice a year we invest a small amount of money ($120k) in a large number of startups (recently 105).

The startups move to Silicon Valley for 3 months, during which we work intensively with them to get the company into the best possible shape and refine their pitch to investors. Each cycle culminates in Demo Day, when the startups present their companies to a carefully selected, invite-only audience.

But YC doesn’t end on Demo Day. We and the YC alumni network continue to help founders for the life of their company, and beyond.

— Y Combinator [1]


The number 1 reason why companies don't get into YC is because they don't apply. One of the things YC is very particular about is having no prerequisites. We have taken companies that haven't been incorporated to companies with $40M revenue run rates and everything in between. YC demo day brings together the best early stage investors to the best Series A / B investors, and the YC alumni community has billion dollar companies to companies that are just starting. There really isn't a company that is too early or too late for YC.

— Michael Siebel (CEO Y Combinator) [2][3]

Application Process

  • If you want to apply, please submit your application online by 8 pm PT on October 3. Groups that submit early have a small advantage because we have more time to read their applications.
  • On October 24, by 10PM, we’ll invite the groups that seem most promising to meet us in Mountain View in early November. We’ll reimburse reasonable travel expenses.
  • We decide who to fund after each day of interviews.

— Y Combinator [4]

Application Walkthrough

How to Apply to Y Combinator

  • Probably the biggest thing people don’t understand about the process is the importance of expressing yourself clearly. Every year we get some applications that are obviously good, some that are obviously bad, and in the middle a huge number where we just can’t tell. The idea seems kind of promising, but it’s not explained well enough for us to understand it. The founders seem like they might be good, but we don’t get a clear enough picture of them to say for sure.
  • If we get 1000 applications and have 10 days to read them, we have to read about 100 a day. That means a YC partner who reads your application will on average have already read 50 that day and have 50 more to go. Yours has to stand out. So you have to be exceptionally clear and concise. Whatever you have to say, give it to us right in the first sentence, in the simplest possible terms.
  • The best answers are the most matter of fact. It’s a mistake to use marketing-speak to make your idea sound more exciting. We’re immune to marketing-speak; to us it’s just noise.

— Paul Graham (Founder Y Combinator), How to Apply to Y Combinator [5]

The Application Video

In the video please introduce yourselves, explain what you’re doing and why, and tell us anything else you want to about the founders or the project.

— Y Combinator, The Application Video [6]

Successful Applications

  • Dropbox’s Summer 2007 application [7]

Indian Companies

This is the list of Indian companies that have gone through YC (33 companies in total) [8][9]

Startup Founders Batch City Crunchbase One-line Summary
Cashfree Reeju Datta
Akash Sinha
S17 Bangalore CB Profile Next-Gen digital payments provider for India.
CureSkin Ramakrishna R
Guna Kakulapati
S17 Bangalore CB Profile AI dermatologist for India.
Fastpad Sanat Ghosh
Abhishek Anand
S17 Bangalore CB Profile Hiring Software for India.
LotusPay Atma Krishna
S17 New Delhi CB Profile Recurring payments solution for businesses in India.
NextDrop Ashish Jhina
Devin Miller
Pronita Saxena
Thejesh GN
Quijano Flores
S17 Bangalore CB Profile NextDrop is the water marketplace for urban India. We connect water buyers with suppliers.
Piggy Nikhil Mantha
Ankush Singh
Kunal Sangwan
S17 Mumbai CB Profile App for Indians to make investments in mutual funds, manage their investment portfolios, and save for retirement.
WheelStreet Moksha Srivastava
Pranay Shrivastava
S17 Bangalore CB Profile WheelStreet is a Motorbike rental marketplace that connects motorcycle rental vendors in India with riders.
MarketFox Mohammed Aboobacker
Sony Mathew
Sooraj Chandran
Sojan V Jose
W17 Bangalore CB Profile Marketing automation platform optimized for mobile and web.
NanoNets Sarthak Jain
Prathamesh Juvatkar
W17 San Francisco, California CB Profile Easy to use Machine Learning API.
Bicycle AI Abhishek Nayak
Arpit Mohan
Arvind Singh
W17 Bangalore CB Profile Bicycle AI provides customer support as a service (Machine + Human Intelligence).
Supr Daily Puneet Kumar
Shreyas Nagdawane
W17 Mumbai CB Profile Daily milk delivery service in India
ServX Akansh Sinha
Anubhav Deep
W17 New Delhi CB Profile ServX is India's premier mobile app for auto repairs.
Wifi Dabba Shubhendu Sharm
Karan Lakshman
W17 Bangalore CB Profile Building largest and affordable wireless ISP in India.
Playment Siddharth Mall
Ajinkya Malasane
Akshay Lal
W17 Bangalore CB Profile Mechanical Turk for enterprises.
Bulk MRO Devang Shah
Gaurang Shah
W17 Mumbai CB Profile Bulk MRO is the Alibaba for Enterprises in India.
Dost Education Sneha Sheth
Sindhuja Jeyabal
W17 San Francisco, California CB Profile Empower parents of any literacy level to get their child ready for kindergarten.
Credy Pratish Gandhi
Harshit Vaishnav
W17 Bangalore CB Profile Credy is an online platform for P2P lending, backed by biometric ID and leveraging India's latest digital infrastructure.
DocTalk Akshat Goenka W17 Mumbai CB Profile Paid WhatsApp connecting Indian patients to Indian doctors.
Innov8 Ritesh Malik
Shailesh Gupta
S16 New Delhi CB Profile Co-working offices to startups, freelancers and SMEs in India.
Meesho Vidit Aatrey
Sanjeev Barnwal
S16 Bangalore CB Profile Meesho is the simplest way for Indie sellers in India to setup, manage and grow their business on Facebook and WhatsApp.
Drivezy (JustRide) Ashwarya Singh
Vasant Verma
Abhishek Mahajan
Amit Sahu
S16 Bangalore CB Profile Airbnb for cars in India.
Kisan Network Aditya Agarwalla
Sanjay K Agarwalla
W16 New Delhi CB Profile Online marketplace for Indian agriculture.
SHRI Anoop Jain W16 Bihar CB Profile Sanitation and Health Rights.
RedCarpetUp Kartik Venkataraman
Abhay Tamaria
S15 New Delhi CB Profile A modern online payment gateway for India.
SimpleMoney Pranshu Maheshwari
Vamsi Gullapalli
S15 Chennai CB Profile Portfolio tracking for Indian investments.
Auro Robotics Nalin Gupta
Srinivas Reddy
S15 Santa Clara, California CB Profile Autonomous / self driving / driverless shuttles for in-campus travel.
Razorpay Harshil Mathur
Shashank Kumar
W15 Bangalore CB Profile A modern online payment gateway for India.
Zip Phone S14 CB Profile Whatsapp for voice.
ClearTax Archit Gupta W14 New Delhi CB Profile Income Tax efiling in India.
Markupwand Rajagopal Natarajan
Allagappan Muthuraman
Surendran Mahendran
S12 Shutdown CB Profile Shutdown
Plivo Venky Balasubramanian
Michael Ricordeau
S12 San Francisco, California CB Profile APIs for Voice calls and SMS.
TapToLearn Roby John
Avinash Pandey
W12 Menlo Park, California CB Profile Educational applications for touch-screen devices.
HackerRank Vivek Ravisankar
Harishankaran Karunanidhi
S11 Bangalore CB Profile Hire the Best Engineers.


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